Together with you we will develop individual and efficient concepts to address your needs, putting these into practice together and ensuring the process runs with the highest standard of quality. As complex as your tasks and needs may be, we will have the individual and comprehensive solution systems to address them. Trust in our many years of experience and expertise to give you the comprehensive outcomes that you need. Our Services:

  • Premium vehicle preparation and care
  • Certified complete and partial painting
  • Professional spot repair, smart repair, and dents/bumps work
  • Input monitoring / visual evaluation of vehicles
  • Exhibition care, pricing of vehicles
  • Professional photography and placement of vehicles on internet platforms
  • Specified commercial vehicle processing
  • Complete wheel and tyre services
  • Planning, building and operation of car washes
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • Inter-regional and regional vehicle transfer on foreign and home hubs
  • Warehouse management, spare parts logistics and parts services
  • Digital control programmes