The arwe Care Factory for classic cars in Düsseldorf

The arwe professional care and treatment centre cares for historic automobiles, and is the go-to address for classic car lovers, owners and distributors.

In our care factory, located in the prestigious exhibition space of the classic car hub of Düsseldorf’s Harffstraße Street, we carry out special care and processing programmes tailored to these unique precious gems of automotive history.

From a “Ready for Take-off” Programme, which guarantees the immediate use of a ready-to-drive vehicle, to the “Classic Day Premium” package, which offers a complete interior and exterior treatment, the proud car-owner can select his individually tailored service.

We treat the material and historical value of each automotive jewel with our utmost care and expertise. Further, our number one priority is addressing the particular requirements of the valued customers who entrust us with their vehicle.

With staff qualified specifically for this work, gentler handwashing and unique work materials selected specially for these operations, the customer can be confident that his vehicle is in careful and competent hands.


For over 45 years, we have been offering our professional services to automotive manufacturers, car dealers, car rental companies, leasing companies and car sharing providers.


Our headquarters are in Munich. Additional key locations are London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

ARWE Holding GmbH
Terminalstraße Mitte 18
85356 Munich-Airport

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Fax:            +49 (0)89 90900-1111