• Use of the most modern painting booths with innovative technology guarantees the highest technical standard and first-class results.
  • Gentle painting and drying systems allow for consumer-friendly, material-safe and efficient operations. Our spray-painting booths are characterised by the free vortex airflow used during painting and an extremely economical air volume control to accelerate drying, as well as optimum illumination and an extremely low noise level.
  • Special fan technology (double under-floor aspiration system) reduces paint fumes, minimises the spread of odour, and thus helps to improve working conditions.
  • Numerous certificates from car manufacturers, i.e. SLR models and Maybach, are available to confirm the performance of painting work to their premium and pre-production model standards.

  • Our paint booths are suitable for water varnishes, and operate in a power-saving manner. This allows us to make an active contribution in terms of responsible environmental management and to comply with VOC regulations.
  • Expertly guided operating units ensure that all work is expertly prepared, carried out and monitored.
  • Educated and trained personnel guarantee high-quality work, process-optimised processing, and punctual completion.

All the supplies we use adhere to both environmental and economic aspects and are listed and approved by the automotive industry. The care products we use are gentle on the material, and have excellent washing and care properties.


For over 45 years, we have been offering our professional services to automotive manufacturers, car dealers, car rental companies, leasing companies and car sharing providers.


Our headquarters are in Munich. Additional key locations are London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

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