Our company has over 25 years of success in turnaround management and stands for the highest quality and process reliability. We develop and implement innovative tools and programmes that make turnaround processes customer-oriented, and economically configured and documented.

  • arwe is the European market and innovation leader in the field of car rental services
  • arwe has a daily turnaround of more than 10,000 vehicles, with all major car rental companies
  • arwe operates at major airports in Europe
  • arwe has digitised the documentation systems in the car rental business, allowing a timely and transparent presentation of data for vehicle and claims management via paperless data collection

Offer for car rental companies:

  • Turnaround for car rental companies, i.e. (electronic) check-in service, as well as management and care of vehicles – from the return of the vehicle by the customer to exterior and interior cleaning, re-fuelling, and general processing to ensure the vehicle is brought back to the standard where it can be rented again to new customers
  • Design, construction and operation of car rental centres at major airports
  • Intense claims management, i.e. (electronic) recording and documentation of damages, production of relevant incident reports, production of relevant images, archiving, and communication with customers and claims departments of car rental companies
  • Delivery of new vehicles, incoming inspections, license plate mounting, re-fuelling, equipping with accessories
  • Removal of sales vehicles, visual evaluations, de-fuelling, removal of license plates
  • Conducting minor repairs, including smart/spot repair, dents/bumps, rim repair, windshield repair
  • Transfer vehicles, workshop runs
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • Valet parking


For over 45 years, we have been offering our professional services to automotive manufacturers, car dealers, car rental companies, leasing companies and car sharing providers.


Our headquarters are in Munich. Additional key locations are London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

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