The arwe Group is market leader in mobility services and sees itself as a mobility guarantee for modern industrial society. Mobility is the central social policy challenge. The trend towards flexible mobility is undeniable – a mobility that takes into account the changing needs of individual users, and at the same time takes into account elements such as environmental protection, transport development and the importance of cost. Towards this end, innovative and flexible car-sharing and corporate car-sharing models deliver an efficient and trend-setting approach. arwe complements these new business models with customised services.

  • Exterior and interior cleaning of in-circulation fleet vehicles on site
  • Re-fuelling of fleet vehicles
  • Delivery of new vehicles to workshop appointments, if/as needed
  • Pick-up and return of fleet vehicles dropped off in peripheral regions to zones of high-frequency use
  • Vehicle replacement business for car dealers
  • Management of test drives
  • Bringing together seller vehicles and preparing collective transports


For over 45 years, we have been offering our professional services to automotive manufacturers, car dealers, car rental companies, leasing companies and car sharing providers.


Our headquarters are in Munich. Additional key locations are London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

ARWE Holding GmbH
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