14 Aug

When space is needed

Free commercial spaces are extremely rare in large German cities. If they are also conveniently located as regards transport facilities, the offering gets snapped up fast. A hub with designated office space, service areas, the complete infrastructure for vehicle preparation, paintwork and maintenance as well as a repair shop run by master mechanics can be a unique selling point for our customers.

Car dealers, car rental companies, car sharing providers, fleet operators and leasing companies can use the respective individual services offered by these mobility hubs. arwe has fixed and secure land in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Hanover which each have space for over 250 vehicles. In addition to this, we operate fully equipped service centres on these premises at which we offer high-quality vehicle preparation – right up to complete finishing and parts painting – vehicle maintenance and repairs as well as, for example, a wheels and tyre service. Further mobility hubs are being planned in Munich and in the Rhineland and at our European locations.

Particularly advantageous is the fact that all the properties are centrally and logistically well-positioned and can be reached by transportation vehicles. Our teams take delivery of the vehicles, complete the required service activities and take the vehicles to the holding area. Finally, we drive the vehicles to their destinations just-in-time.

Our mobility hubs assume the function of a central collection point and hub for the transhipment and pooling of vehicle fleets wherever they need to go. However, our mobility hubs are different from pure distribution centres as, during downtime, value-adding work can be carried out on the vehicles. Our customers benefit directly from:

• Parking spaces close to the city centre
• Electric charging stations
• Preparation spaces
• Repair workshops
• Paint shops
• Transfer services
• Digital control and documentation
• Timely scheduling
• Motivated teams of employees

So not only can our hubs help to resolve the lack of space, we also offer the option of covering the needs for sophisticated services without having to cover logistical overheads at the same time.


For over 45 years, we have been offering our professional services to automotive manufacturers, car dealers, car rental companies, leasing companies and car sharing providers.


Our headquarters are in Munich. Additional key locations are London, Paris, Madrid and Vienna.

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